The summers dances on Tyllsnäs

In the summer, Tyllsnäs Udde is full of life. On several Tuesdays, we have barn dances, and we only put on the best dance bands. People in the area know that – and there is a large influx of dance-loving guests from near and far. 
The barn and the adjoining pub are located right by the shore, and many of our dance guests arrive by boat. When the weather is nice, we dance out of the barn onto the open-air dance floor, which is beautifully situated facing Tunaån River.

Here is the summer dance programme at Tyllsnäs Udde:

Dates Orchestra Time
Tisdag 4 juni Perikles kl 19-23
Tisdag 18 jun Callinaz kl 19-23
Söndag 7 juli Expanders kl 18-22
Tisdag 30 juli Jannez kl 19-23
Tisdag 13 aug Mannerz kl 19-23
Söndag 18 aug Casanovas kl 18-22
Söndag 25 aug Foxie kl 18-22

Sports Car Meeting 2019

We have stated a meeting for sports cars from Europe, where entusiast of the cars can meet and cheer joy and experience of them. The premiere is on thursday 16 of maj at 5-8pm, then ever second thursday. The meets will be at weeknumber: 20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34 and 36. The cafeteria will be opend. Welcome.